Here is a step by step guide to installing OfficeAmp in MS Teams

  • Open Microsoft Teams and click on the "Apps" button on the lower-left corner of the sidebar and search for OfficeAmp.

  • Search for "officea" and you will see "OfficeAmp" there.
  • Click on the OfficeAmp App card and then click on the down arrow to expand the "Add to a team" button. This is important. You have to select "Add to a team" option so that other members of your team can also use OfficeAmp.

  • If you have multiple teams, it is preferred that you create a new single global team that has everyone in the organisation in it. That is the preferred method. 
    • If cannot create a new global team, then you will need to add "OfficeAmp" to all the teams so that everyone in the company can use it.

Note: If other colleagues are not able to use OfficeAmp, then its likely that you added it to the wrong team. Please follow the above steps and add it to the right team which has all of the folks who would be using OfficeAmp.