We're here to help! Our support team is entirely in-house to ensure you receive the best possible assistance.

- You can drop us an email at support@officeamp.freshdesk.com or email our support lead directly at sarah@harmonizehq.com.

- If you want to raise a ticketjust send 'dialm' as a direct message to OfficeAmp and click on "Open a ticket."

      Insider Secret: we built 'dialm' internally and our whole team will see your ticket in our Slack. We might not be able to                                    respond immediately, but we'll start a ticket and reply as soon as we can!

- You can chat live with support using the bottom right chat bubble located on the OfficeAmp dashboard and our website.

- You can browse our full article database here in Freshdesk (also accessible from "support" in the dashboard).

- Our founders would love to talk to you! You can say  share ideas and feedback with them at "hi@harmonizehq.com."